Smiles'n Kids Montessori school welcome children from 3 to 6 years old in 2 bilingual classrooms. The school will grow with the children : one classroom opened in Sept.'18. The second one will open in Sept. '19. 

15 children per adult 

We offer to each child a personalized follow-up, special attention and caring in order to enable him to develop himself at his own pace. The pedagogical team supervising an environment (class) of 30 children consists of one certified Montessori Guide and an assistant. 



In our school, children live immersed in a bilingual ambiance French/English throughout the week. In each class and all day long, they will be assisted by 2 adults, one native French speaker and one native English speaker. 

The English-speaking educator help the children in the classroom, accompanies them to the park, has friendly chats during the meals, teaches them songs, and likewise does the French-speaking teacher.

This way, children discover, explore and play in English and in French all day long. The adults exclusively speak to the children in their mother tongue.

Hence, children learn naturally and effortlessly the new language(s) and become open to other culture(s).

Special activities 

In addition to the Montessori pedagogy, we initiate children with valuable tools that will enable them to have a better understanding of themselves and become aware of living together: 

·"Mood thermometer": everyday, children learn how to identify and express their emotions in order to better handle them and to develop their empathy.
·"Relax Time": a moment of relaxation - meditation to raise awareness of their bodies and their inner world. 
·"Let’s chat about Platon": a philosophical thinking workshop in group about a subject to learn exchange with one another and to build their own thoughts. 
·"Mother Nature": gardening workshops to discover the natural cycle, looking after it and the joy of harvesting the fruits.    
The workshops will take place during the normal school hours. 
L'Ecole Montessori Bilingue Smiles'n Kis, située dans le 92 entre Iss-les-Moulineaux et Meudon, propose un enseignement bilingue anglais-français. Les enfant appennent l'anglais en s'amusant, avec une éducatrice Montessori de langue maternelle anglaise.

 Parents are part of the team !

  • Regular exhange :  parents can talk to the teachers in an informal way before school starts or at the end of the day. 

  • Asking for an appointment : anytime, parents and teachers can set an appointment to exchange on a specific topic.  

  • Parent-teacher meeting : a formal parent-teacher meeting is organized twice a year, and a written Progress Report is handed over to the parents at the end of each school year.