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Enfant avec matériel Montessori

Enfant avec matériel Montessori

Enfants travaillant avec le matériel Montessori, dans une école Montessori et selon la pédagogie Montessori : planisphère et drapeaux.

Bilingual Montessori



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We welcome children from 3 to 6 anytime during the year. 

Within a green and bright setting, children learn with joy, fostering autonomy, creativity and opening out to the world. 

Caring and personalized follow up

The team accompanies each child in line with his own rhythm and personality enabling him to build his own being and to fully express his potentials. The child feels listened and valued. He learns with joy

Enfant au travail avec matériel Montessori dans une école Montessori : les blocs de cylindres


and self-esteem

In a Montessori class, the child learns by himself, within the secure and caring framework prepared by the teacher. This way he develops self-esteem, creativity and autonomy. These are valuable skills which will be very useful for their lifetime. 

Enfants entourant le drapeau britannique, contens d'apprendre l'anglais.

Bilingualism and


A key value of Smiles’n Kids school is openness towards others and to the world. This entails a 100% bilingual French-English education, self-exploration (meditation, handling of emotions) and of the world around us (gardening workshops, discovering the world cultures, etc…).