Smiles'n Kids is a private school and does not receive any help or subsidy. 

Enrollment fee :

Initial registration : €350

Renewal : €200

Enrollment fee is payable once by check or bank transfer. It is non-refundable in case of withdrawal. 

Schooling fees :

For the 1st year of schooling in our school :

€730 / month

For the 2nd and 3rd year of presence in our school : 

€660 / month

Payable by monthly direct debits from September to June (included). 

​Degressive fees from the second child present at school : -10%.

Corporate rate : €900/month.

Evening daycare :

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday :

Evenings : €140 per month (over 10 months, annual enrollment) or

€170 per month (quarterly enrollment).

€15 / evening for punctual enrollment. 


€80 / month over 10 months from September to June 

Wednesday daycare 

Wednesday daycare from 9am to 5pm : €180 per month 

(yearly subscription)